Cyber Criminals vs. Internet Users


The internet lets us connect with others all across the globe at light speed.  Weather its through email, instant messenger, or through a website chat you can contact people from all over.  Just about everyone today has a computer and if they don’t they have some way of accessing a computer maybe at school, work, or the library.  Not only does the internet help us connect to others but it allows us to access a ton of information stored in websites or data bases.  It has become much more sufficient than doing research through books and writing.  Search engines have become very advanced and can help connect you to just about anything you would ever need to know.  If you need to learn how to tie your shoe, make a fire, multiply or locate the city of Atlantis the internet is the key and answer to all your questions.  Because it is so vast and there are so many people using it daily there are of course risks involved.  Putting information on social media or websites such as your name, birthday, and location automatically makes you vulnerable to a cyber attack.  People can take this information and use it against you very easily so always be careful what you are putting out there because there are eyes everywhere!  Cybercriminals are always looking for there next victim or chance to commit a crime so it is imperative to stay one step ahead of them at all times.  This is easier said than done but there are precautions you can take.  For tips on how to stay safe while using the internet click the link below!  We have all frown to become very dependent on the internet and for good reason.  It s a great resource for many things but it can also be a very dangerous place if you are not careful.  My major concern is security.  There is not enough policing of the internet and cyber criminals are constantly advancing and getting smarter.  This means security and internet users need to advance in order to keep the internet safe.  These criminals use their skills daily to steal information, money, and identities so you must always be watching what you post and where you post it.

Top 10 tips for staying safe online


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