Today the risk of a cyber attack is very high weather your at home, work, school or the library.  Everyone is at risk and can have their information compromised and stolen in an instant.  This is especially true for colleges and laces of higher education.  According to University Business, “Higher education is particularly vulnerable because—in contrast to hacking targets like banks—college and university computer networks have historically been as open and inviting as their campuses, says Fred Cate, director of the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research.”  These criminals have the ability to commit a number of crimes depending on their objective or overall goal.  Some hackers go after student and faculty members credit card information stealing large amounts of money from hard working individuals.  These same people can also go after your personal information leading them to steal your identity.  Cyber criminals taking advantage of higher education institutions aren’t always after money.  In some cases they will hack into registrars offices and change or manipulate grades and assignments.  All of these crimes are serious and punishable with prison sentences.  That being said everyone should still be aware of the risk of cyber security.  Some tips that can help avoid these criminals would include changing your login/password weekly or monthly.  Another tip would be to check your accounts daily and make sure nothing is being tampered with or stolen.  The faster you realize there is a problem the easier it is to resolve and catch the person responsible.  Although some of these crimes are untraceable it is better to if it is caught at the start before to much damage is done. University Business also tells us in a recent article that, “the defenses that universities can deploy against cyber-attacks range from the glaringly obvious—changing passwords—to the expensive and complex, such as building ultrasecure research facilities that keep the most sensitive computer systems safe from the open range of the internet.”  Universities do all they can to ensure they are secure along with the students who attend.  This isn’t always as easy as it seems with many large universities having more than 50,000 students it can be hard to make sure everyone is safe from cyber security attacks.  The more precautions taken the less risk of an attack occurring.  University Business has given us some tips in one of their recent articles due to the growing threat of cyber attacks on higher education institutions.  “As a first line of security, administrators should set policies that control access to computer networks and safeguard the flow of information.  Colleges might also consider prohibiting staff from using popular services like Dropbox to transfer student records and other sensitive information.”  For more information about the growing threat of cyber attacks on higher education institutions check out the full article by University Business.  All you have to do is click the link below!


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