Endless Possibilities

In previous posts you have heard a lot about the dangers of the internet, the risks you take while using it, and the criminals behind many cyber attacks.  Now I think it is only fair that I share some good things about the internet and what I do like about it.  The internet is not […]


With 3.2 billion people using the internet everyday it is hard to monitor and keep everyone safe from cyber crimes.  They occur all day everyday and even the most secure companies and agencies are not safe from hackers.  These people posses certain skill sets that put them one step ahead of everyone els.  People have […]

Streets to Government Agencies

Many times black hat hackers are recruited by companies and other agencies to keep them safe from all other hackers.  These criminals can actually use their illegal skills to give them what can be a very promising profession.  This is very common today because sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.  Not everyone can […]

Types of Hackers

There are three major types of hackers in the world today: white hats, black hats, and grey hats.  A “white hat hacker” is a term used to describe a person who uses their skill set to help improve cyber security or help an organization expose flaws in their system.  A “black hat hacker” does exactly […]