Types of Hackers

There are three major types of hackers in the world today: white hats, black hats, and grey hats.  A “white hat hacker” is a term used to describe a person who uses their skill set to help improve cyber security or help an organization expose flaws in their system.  A “black hat hacker” does exactly the opposite.  This type of hacker uses their skills to retrieve or steal information from organizations illegally.  Some crimes a black hat might commit include stealing information, identity, money, login/passwords, and so much more.  The third type is “grey hat hackers.”  They might find a flaw or loop hole in an organization and disclose this information with the public for someone els to take advantage of or with the organization for a one time fee.  The one thing a grey hat does not do is obtain information for their own personal gain.  White hats are often hired by large organizations to run simulations that help determine flaws in their system.  During this simulation a white hat would use their skill set to see if a company or agency is secure and cannot be compromised.  This is important because these large organizations have a lot to lose if their system is compromised.  White hats can be paid very well if they do find a bug in the cyber security system they are working on.  Organizations are willing to pay good money for a legitimate white hat because in the long run it could potentially save them double or triple what they are paying the hacker.  According to an online article about the different types of hackers, “a black hat hacker would compromise a computer system without permission, stealing the data inside for their own personal gain or vandalizing the system. A white-hat hacker would ask for permission before testing the system’s security and alert the organization after compromising it. A gray-hat hacker might attempt to compromise a computer system without permission, informing the organization after the fact and allowing them to fix the problem. While the gray-hat hacker didn’t use their access for bad purposes, they compromised a security system without permission, which is illegal.”  For more information about hackers and the different “hats” they wear check out the full article below or watch the attached youtube video!!  Always remember NO ONE IS SAFE and the internet is full of surprises so browse at your own risk!!!


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