With 3.2 billion people using the internet everyday it is hard to monitor and keep everyone safe from cyber crimes.  They occur all day everyday and even the most secure companies and agencies are not safe from hackers.  These people posses certain skill sets that put them one step ahead of everyone els.  People have the ability to hack directly into your computer, your emails, bank accounts, and so much more.  Many people are unaware when this occurs and don’t find out until it is too late.  This means that identities can be stolen and money you had once worked hard to save can be swept straight from your bank account in a matter of minutes or seconds.  Some things such as social media websites or accounts are easier for hackers to get into and obtain information.  Some of these websites give hackers information such as name, birthdate, and hometown without even obtaining your login or password.  With this information some people have the ability to access bank accounts, retrieve social security numbers, and many more crimes that can put everyday internet users at risk.  Recently hackers have shown just how dangerous they can be by hacking into large companies and even into the U.S. military.  If you weren’t worried about hackers and their abilities before then you should be now.  They pose a giant threat to the citizens of the United States and our government.  Think about all the terrible things a criminal mastermind could do with government military information.  The possibilities are endless.  The real problem is policing these criminals.  They create backdoors and short cuts to gain information and access to the information they obtain from these companies and organizations.  According to CBS news on a recent 60 minutes article “The recent cyber invasions of Sony studios and military Twitter feeds highlight how hacking has morphed from a commercial nuisance to a matter of national security.”  The amount of hackers in the U.S. and world wide is increasing at an alarming rate.  They are getting smarter and as the internet and the number of users grow it becomes hard for officials to keep the internet safe and secure. “The man the Department of Defense has put in charge of inventing technology to fight this new Internet war is Dan Kaufman. He heads the software innovation division of DARPA.”  According to Dan Kaufman “The number of attacks is dramatically increasing. The sophistication of the attacks is increasing. So I– my job is not to wait for something catastrophic to happen and then say, Oh, goodness, we should do something.  My job is to say, Hmm. I see this trend line going. I want to be way ahead of this line.”  This is easier said than done with 3.2 billion users daily.  Thats like trying to police the entire planet.  There are many intelligent people out there with information and technology to do catastrophic things and put all users in danger.  This shows that truly NO ONE IS SAFE.  For more information on this topic or the full CBS 60 minutes click the link below!




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